Sunscreen blacks girls can ACTUALLY wear.

Everyone, regardless of skin tone, has to protect their skin from the sun every day and sunscreen is the most common way of doing so. However, its extremely rare black women find a sunscreen that doesn't leave them looking a bit... ghost-like and makeup very patchy. So what if I told you that there is a product that is not only a game-changer but an affordable one?



Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30 was created in 2016 and caters exclusively to black women of all shades! BGS is fragrance-free, oxybenzone-free, paraben-free, and best of all- ash-free. Most times sunscreen leaves a white film on your skin but BGS is "ultra sheer" leaving no visible trace of it on your skin whatsoever. Sounds good right?



Because sunlight and even our natural sebum can cause sunscreen to breakdown and lose the labeled protection, you have to reapply it after a few hours. Now, it can be very tricky re-applying your sunscreen throughout the day when you have makeup on, and using powders containing an SPF can sometimes leave you dealing with flashback so... Milani came through and gave us an SPF primer and setting spray. Read that again. Now you don't have to spray that traditional sticky and sometimes burning sunscreen over your beautiful beat anymore.


SPF Levels

Lots of estheticians stress the importance of using an SPF in your daily skincare routine to help treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tones so it' important to know which SPF levels you're buying and what they mean. SPF stands for sun protection factor and is a measure of how long your sunscreen will protect your skin. Esthetician Tiara Willis aka @MAKEUPFORWOC gave a great visual for helping you understand SPF levels- if it usually takes your skin 3 minutes to burn, using SPF 15 will give your skin 45 minutes to burn (3*15=45). So like I said previously, although using sunscreen helps your skin you shouldn't stay outside in the sun for too long. Black Girl Sunscreen and Milani carry SPF 30 so that's 30x the protection sis. You need that.

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