Press on nails are back? Yes, sis, they are. Here are 8 brands you need to be looking at!

Yessss girl! Press-on nails have been back for a few years now and they look nothing like the Lee press-on's from the beauty supply back in the day, even Kiss has had a glow-up. Since nail shops are closed due to Covid-19 we all been struggling to survive so here are 10 press-on nail brands that have come to save us this quarantine!


Love her sets! They remind me of frappucinos and trips to Greece... Idk why but they just do.


Real cute sets for the girls who like to switch it up from subtle to bold to crazy!


Super cute summer and spring sets for the girls!


Real cute sets for date nights and baecations!


Janine has lots of ig-worthy sets! Cow print? yea real farm girl sh*t.


A brand that's cute and fun with lots of prints and styles.


Once again, real ig-worthy sets that you'll only keep on for two days because you wanna put on every single set she has!


Super summery sets with a perfect shape that literally mimics full sets.

All sets have been approved to post by the amazing owners!

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